Our sin upon the cross, being cleansed by His blood- turning our hearts pure before God. The Holy Spirit pouring out the gospel of Christ to those around us. A sinner – stepping from the wide, smooth and deadly path, onto the bumpy, narrow but beautiful path that leads to Righteousness and freedom. The Lord filling this new heart with purity. Another sinner, now seen as righteous before God. Redeemed by Jesus on that old and rugged cross.


When God hears your heart

“All right, let’s pray.” I said to my children as we finished Bible time. One by one my little ones said their prayers, and how precious that is to hear! When Five year old Little Bear said his, it was short, sweet, and sincere.

Dear Lord, please let us have cupcakes.”

His three older siblings giggled, and even my husband and I hid a smile. He got a bit embarrassed to have his prayer laughed at, so we quickly put a stop to the mirth. After prayers my husband Christopher told the kids that Little Bear had prayed from his heart and God wants to hear from our hearts. “Yes” I agreed, “God is interested in even little things, He wants us to talk to him about anything.”
The cupcake prayer brought to mind a time I had prayed for something just as frivolous. FLOWERS. I decided now was a good time to share this story with the kids. We were quite poor at the time and Winter had just passed. It seemed forever since I had drank in the beauty of flowers! I knew we couldn’t buy them – but how I wished for them. One morning I simply burst out loud “Oh Lord! PLEASE send me some flowers!!!”

A few days later it was Easter. The sun was out but the air was still quite cold, and I didn’t have a car. My mom came and picked the baby and I up to spend Easter day with them since Christopher was working. We had a good day, filled with visiting and watching little ones play. Dinner time came, and Christopher was supposed to join us before then. Since he wasn’t answering his phone I borrowed Mom’s car to go see what was keeping him. As soon as I walked in the door I saw a surprise. The toys which had been scattered on the floor were neatly put away. My husband was sound asleep on the couch. I walked toward the kitchen and saw all the dishes were washed and stacked. Then, when I turned about there on the Table was a beautiful bouquet of colorful spring flowers!!! It was still packaged and waiting to be put in a vase. I was ecstatic! I immediately set to work arranging them which is something I love to do. It was just like him to leave it out of a vase. He knew how much I liked to arrange flowers.
I awoke him with many grateful kisses and hugs. Thanking him and complimenting the housework he’d done. Bleary eyed and confused he said- “but I didn’t BRING you flowers… I just got home and went straight to sleep… I didn’t do – anything.”

“To this day I do not know who brought me those flowers” I said to my kids after I related the story. My older kids began speculating on who it could have been- but Little Bear piped up,

“But mom- God sent you those flowers.”

And he is right. God did. ❤️🌸🌺🌼

I think I will be baking cupcakes tomorrow.

Brittany Parker

My bookshelf

I have an imaginary bookshelf that is filled with Stories waiting to be told. One is a true story about a little missionary girl. Another is the frolics of a mischievous squirrel, but there is one book which has collected some dust. It was written some time ago, and I dearly love it. It is time to take it down.
I present to you-

“Christmas Trees are Funny Things!”

This endearing poem tells the story of a small boy who wonders exactly what a Tree is doing inside of his house! He watches in amazement as his mother hangs up the ornamental sugar cookies they made, then he looks for it’s tongue to know how it would lick the candy canes hung. The boy has a tag-a-long puppy on every page who is always up to some mischievous deed. Children and grown ups alike will smile and laugh as they turn the pages of this beautiful new book. Every illustration in Christmas Trees are Funny Things is created by hand. No computer programs- just brushes and pencils! This is not just a work of art- it is a work of Love.
Scheduled to be in Print Fall of 2021.

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